Omar Boraie Supporter of Rutgers Cancer Institute

Revolutionary research is taking place at the distinguished Rutgers Cancer Institute in New Jersey. Rutgers Cancer Institute( is welcoming the concept of precision medicine. This institute is committed to great excellence and high academic standards. The Omar Boraie Chair has been established at Rutgers Cancer Institute. The Omar Boraie Chair is associated with supporting precision medicine and its capability to develop the understandings of genomic science. The Omar Boraie Chair is named after the developer Omar Boraie. He is committed to supporting the groundbreaking research and findings that genomic science can provide at Rutgers Cancer Institute. Omar Boraie is a developer from New Brunswick. He firmly is committed to progression that he has provided $1.5 million in support.

Genomic science and precision medicine is greatly shaping and changing how therapeutic specialists now look at the diagnosis of cancer. Also, the study of these areas is shaping how professionals in the medical field are viewing the treatment of cancer. Precision medicine and genomic science are providing professionals to be able to examine and handle tumors on a level that is more genetic based. This allows oncologist to be able to provide customized treatments that increase the chances of better treatment outcomes. During President Obama’s most recent State of Union Address the Precision Medicine Initiative was mentioned. The goal of the Precision Medicine Initiative is to cure cancer and other ailments.

Rutgers University Cancer Institute is highly respected for using sequencing of genomic science as a means of examining and making better the care for a cancer patient. Examining genomic sequencing has helped to find therapies for individuals experiencing cancers that are rare, prognoses that are at a very low level, and treatment that is not effective on a patient. Precision medicine helps to classify cancers being examined into subpopulations that have similar features but different genetics. By grouping cancers into subpopulations this way more efficient outcomes can be predicted and effective customized therapies can be established. Shridar Ganesan is also a great supporter who feels that looking at cancer with a genomic approach will bring forth possibilities for additional classifications. She has addressed that genomic science can help professionals obtain comprehensive knowledge of effective therapies for each type of cancer. For further information the orginal piece was published through NewsWise.

In conclusion, the Rutgers Cancer Institute is committed in providing effective treatment and care for individuals dealing with various cancer types.


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