Seven Day Trial With WEN And Fine Hair

We all want that beautiful hair that flows about in the wind. We see it often on commercials where so many products promise this and that. But many of us are too wary to try the product out and often dismiss it as nothing. One brave, hairstylist wanted to try this product and after some research she decided to give this a try. The full article was featured on Bustle.

Seven days is a good time frame in order to decide on any hair care products. That is why this young lady decided to go for that length of time. Her common complaints with her hair is that it feels greasy and is unmanageable. Most stylists stay on the go and the last thing they want to worry over is their own hair. So the WEN challenge begins. At first she was concerned about how much product was called for. Even using the minimum amount of 16 pumps seemed to be too much. But she used it and as she worked it in her hair, she felt like her hair was thickening. That was surprising to her. She used Wen hair every day after that and each day she found that by washing your hair daily, that WEN is a great product to use. It didn’t weigh her fine hair down and made it more manageable each day.

According to, Chaz Dean, the creator of WEN, begin his love for hair while he was doing photography. He enrolled in cosmetology school and upon completion he got a job at a salon, became manager, then purchased the shop. He changed the name to The Chaz Dean Studio. His roster includes a variety of A list celebrities. His dreams and passions didn’t stop there and he created the product WEN. WEN is a 5 in 1 product that does the job of 5 different products.

Wen hair care [products are available on Guthy-Renker and eBay online.

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