The Best Lawyer in Brazil: Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is counsel and integrity manager at ‘Fagali lawyer’. Bruno received his undergraduate degree in Administrative law in 2009. As an erudite scholar, he put his efforts to good use by pursuing his masters by the faculty of law of USP. Fagali specializes in anti-corruption law in three broad categories regulatory law federal civil action and administrative contracts.

Fagali has a personal office in Sao Paulo. He also holds a position there as a corporate integrity manager. He is a man who is a self-motivated with a great passion in his career as a lawyer in Brazil. Bruno’s advertising agency is mutually based on the public interest communication. He is gifted with a great personality to deliver significant content to the public. That’s why he was granted the opportunity to be among the members of the community of corporate compliance and ethics.

Ordinarily, Bruno Fagali has been through tough times, but over time he has adopted the skill to overcome the setbacks. Fagali was operating in three categories consumer law, domestic violence and family law before 2007. Then after 2007, Bruno decided to major one aspect that is Advisory public law contract. Adding on the same token Fagali can speak and comprehend up to four languages French, English, Spanish and Portuguese

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