Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer and e.Bricks Digital Expanding Brazil’s Online Presence

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is a Brazilian leader in media. He goes by the name “Duda His family started RBS Group many years ago, and the company has survived over three generations. The company primarily supports radio and news media and is among the fastest growing companies in Brazil. The company also ranks online (in Brazil) with such giants as Globo and Google. Such successes were not achieved overnight, and Duda put in much hard work in his educational and career achievements.

In an article on Acaert, Duda Melzer received a bachelor’s degree from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande in Brazil at 26 years old. He also graduated from Harvard University with an MBA. After his schooling, Duda put in a few years in the corporate world. He was in a leadership role with BoxTop Media, which specializes in “unconventional” media. His work as a financial analyst also prepared him for future endeavors. Using his combined skills and educational attainment, Duda formed e.Bricks Digital in Brazil. This company was a great opportunity for not only Duda Melzer, but also for Brazil; as their online digital marketing sector was lacking compared to other countries. Wishing to change this, Duda founded the company with hopes that Brazil would become a major player in the game.

e.Bricks Digital provided an outlet for Brazilian businesses that were successful, but not online. After imposing rather strict requirements to apply, e.Bricks Digital picked a handful of businesses to invest in through venture capital and private equity initiatives. It provided funding in excess of 100 million in its first year and 300 million in recent years. Funding was also offered to new businesses, however, they had to show exceptional projections for success. Among the top companies picked are the largest wine producer and distributor in Latin America, and a contemporary art show. e.Bricks Media and Duda Melzer are rapidly changing the landscape of business in Brazil and abroad.

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