Plans Of Don Ressler For JustFab

JustFab is a famous retail company that is planning to change the name of its brand. The parent company is JustFab Inc. that has several brands. All these are based on a membership business model. These include Fabletics, besides FabKids, JustFab, along with ShoeDazzle. Don Ressler recently announced that it is going to rebrand itself. It will rename itself as the TechStyle Fashion Group.

Don Ressler along with Adam Goldenberg co-founded JustFab. They wanted to change the way in which people are shopping today. In addition, they wanted to provide trendy fashion wear at an affordable price tag. With this brand, they feel that their vision has been fulfilled. In addition, the company has now transformed into a powerful platform that is able to build brands. Their company is driven by data along with personalization that has managed to achieve success for the company.

This is why they are looking for a completely new corporate identity that will help them in capturing the essence of JustFab on They have managed to combine technology with fashion here. Hence they are on the onset of a new phase which they want to name as TechStyle.

Their company has a focus on keeping the customer happy. This is why they are taking their customer feedback very seriously. In accordance with the feedback and suggestions, they make the requisite changes too. The focus is on customer service. The online cancellation process has also been rolled out. All this has been done by Don Ressler to ensure that the customer complaints reduce too.

He feels that running a company on the basis of membership has a lot of benefits. A major one is the moderating of inventory, besides several others.

Fabletics is known to roll out the brick and mortar retail stores too. It has 17 stores already that are spread all across the US. But Don Ressler is aiming for more. He is planning to open another 50 or more stores in various locations within five years or so.

Don Ressler is a person who knows his job well. He is well aware that his company needs to focus on the end user in order to sustain itself.

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