The media recently introduced Freedom checks which look similar to the check one gets when there is a tax refund from the government. Most viewers are assuming that these ads on the media about freedom checks are too good to be true and a scam which would work for a very minimal number of people who may try to gain anything from it. The nature of these ads which shows an over-excitement about the concept may be the reason why people feel this way. However, people are only writing off this concept because they have no idea who Matt Bidali is and also a no proper understanding of these checks. Read more at to learn more.

Matt Bidali, with a background in geology, is a financial analyst from Penn State University which was where he received his degree in Bachelor of Science. He also got a Master’s degree in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. As a geologist, he has been able to interview CEOs knowledgeably thus learning about investments from them. After the crash of the Stock market in 2008, Matt Bidali against the advice of his family and friends purchased stock in Kaminak Gold Corp. At the time the market was going down, Matt’s stock was going up; having bought the stock at $0.06 and sold it at $2.64 thereby gaining a 4400 percent profit.

Freedom checks are not from the government; they are private checks. They are an investment and were first introduced in an investment newsletter. The reality here is that this form of investment needs commitment. You should make repeated investments for you to receive a payout at a date in the future. This means that for you to make this type of investment, you should think about it a lot more than it is implied in the ads.

According to Matt Bidali, Freedom checks are a secret program that presidents over the last 40 years have been working on. Here we see Matt Bidali promoting Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) which is a business partnership which has a role of a publicly traded limited partnership where you obtain partnership advantages related to taxes. This means that your profits are taxed when your investors receive their earnings. This also means that an MLP in a public company can enjoy high liquidity and fluid nature.



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