Whitney Wolfe: The Driving Force Behind Bumble

Wolfe is the founder and CEO of Bumble, the dating app which has fundamentally revolutionized online dating. Frustrated with other options that suffered from built-in preconceived gender norms, Wolfe took it upon herself to build her own app based on the concept that women, not men, would make the first move. Whitney Wolfe was driven to create a platform free from the constant abuse and trolling so common on other apps and sites. She launched Bumble in 2014, and in just two years the company had become a major industry player with around ten million users.

A graduate of Southern Methodist University, Whitney Wolfe located start-up in Austin, but not being in Silicon Valley has not slowed down Bumble one bit, with the company already boasting a billion-dollar valuation. Wolfe attributes part of her success to Bumble’s focus on creating a safe app for women. In one incident that garnered a great deal of attention, Whitney Wolfe banned a male user for hurling insults at a woman who was just making innocent small talk. Bumble’s quick response showed that they were serious about cracking down on abuse, unlike other services.

Another instance in which Whitney Wolfe showed her commitment to the company’s values was in the aftermath of the Stoneman Douglas shootings. The CEO decided that the best way for Bumble to show their support was to ban all depictions of weapons on the service. As a result of Wolfe’s stance, she and her staff received a number of death threats. Although the threats were a serious concern, Whitney Wolf understood that change would only come about if people and companies take a stand on the issue.

Whitney Wolfe’s story is an inspiration to both male and female entrepreneurs. Bumble has already become a case study in the use of micro-influencers. Micro-influencers are supporters with a modest social media following who help spread the word about a brand both online and off. Wolfe discovered that these supporters were driving thr brand’s growth and decided to build a strategy around it. Thanks to her vision and steadfastness, Witney Wolfe has built one of the dating industry’s most downloaded apps.

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Medical Inventions Under Doctor Saad Saad

Saad Saad is a doctor living in America. He is an accomplished surgeon specializing in pediatrics. In his career life, he has been able to perform many complex pediatric surgeries especially for the children from the poor families. What he kept doing during his career time s to improve the procedures and methods that were existing when performing the surgeries. All he kept doing is to challenge a status quo and he aimed at finding a way he could reduce the risks and pain that his patients used to experience. This resulted to the doctor where he patented inventions and also came up with some developed pediatric procedures.


In more than the 40 years where he was working as a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad used to perform the complex surgeries and he did to both patients that were either residing in his United States community or outside the community. He also helped through medical missions where he was offering free complex surgeries, especially to the poor children.


In his inventions, there were these medical catheters. Catheters are tubes that are used to serve a wide range of functions. Some specific tubes are used to treat some medical conditions and can help to perform during surgical procedures but after they are inserted into the body. When inside, they can provide some access to the surgical instruments where they drain the fluids or gases as well as performing other useful tasks which depends on the type of the catheter that has been used. When certain catheters are inserted inside the body, they can be left as temporary or permanent. Learn more: https://www.doximity.com/pub/saad-saad-md


So that catheter can be inserted in the right location when inside the body, the surgeons have to ensure that they have tracked its exact position. During the traditional times, they used to use X-ray as the way. However, one single X-ray cannot put a patient at a significant risk of being ill but when under frequent radiation rays exposure it might bring illness. The alternative method that was used is the MRI which was performed to avoid X-rays when tracking a catheter. The problem was that MRI machines were heavy and huge and they were not portable which made them the impractical option.


In the second invention of Saad Saad was to enable the improvement of the endoscopes uses. An endoscope is an optical device where it has the use of looking the inside parts of the patient’s body, especially during surgery or examinations. They have that capability of looking inside the stomach, colon, bladder, windpipe, and throat. With these, the doctor can get the necessary visual picture of the problem that the patient is facing and he will not have done any scan or perform a surgery.


Alex Pall and the Chainsmokers Find New Sound

New York based DJ Alex Pall and his cohort Andrew Taggart never imagined their star would rise to the heights it currently occupies. Although the Chainsmokers are more popular than ever, the EDM duo has not been around that long. Their first hit single “#Selfie” came out in 2014. For the duo it has been a roller coaster ride, but now with the release of new single “Sick Boy” they have something to prove. The song, which can be relegated to a simple dance jaunt, complete with soundscapes and backbeats, carries a serious message within it. This message is another example of the group trying to connect to its audience, establish their identity, and set their work apart form the rampant remixes clustering their chosen genre. For Alex Pall it is the quest to make his music more than just paying the bills and hold on to a fast-escaping relevance that plagues all artists.


“We don’t want to make albums made of 12 songs that have nothing in common,” Pall stated, “We are at the point where we need to make a cohesive body of work”. In an interview the duo gave following their 2016 hit “Closer” they laid down what their end goals were. “We get together everyday and work to find identity” Pall said. The duo is only 4 -years old in mainstream time, not a very long run. Even though they are enjoying success, the duo wants to establish themselves at artists. It is about passion and not just money. This is why every song is an evolution of who they are. “Closer” featured Andrew Taggart on lead vocals, something most EDM artists never do. The song was a definite step in a direction both men wanted to take. Since then their music has become more personalized. In the end they want to define their music, and not be defined by it. “Sick Boy” is another step towards breaking the audience barrier. For now, this sound is going to be their new identity. But the group will not stop here, the quest for relevance never stops.



Freedom Checks: Investing confusion

When looking for new investment opportunities there are a lot of options available to those looking to make a profit. It is conventional knowledge that the more capital you have to invest the more profit that you are able to reap. However, a recent investment opportunity has many consumers confused on this finer point. The strategy that has everyone rushing to the Internet to figure out if this investment really is too good to be true is called freedom checks. A service like freedom checks seems like it could easily be a government-run program. Interestingly enough this is not the case, freedom checks actually refer to an investment strategy not too unlike the stock market. Visit affiliatedork.com to know more.

The key differences between freedom check an investment in the stock market is what the individual is investing in. Freedom checks refer to a strategy of investing in domestic energy. By investing in domestic energy investors are able to see significantly higher returns than many other industries. It would stand to reason that this is because of rising energy costs. Interestingly enough, it is actually mostly credited to a federal law. This law is called statue 25 – F. Statue 25–F allows companies pay fewer taxes if they distribute all their profits among their investors. This statue benefits more than 550 energy-related businesses in the US. These firms have been called by many master limited partnerships or MLPs for short. The specific statue dictates that they must give investors $.90 of every dollar in earnings and this the key difference between the distributions received by investors in these industries versus the dividends traditionally distributed in the stock market.

Another way that investors in MLPs are able to collect more return on their investment is through not having to pay costly federal income tax on this money. Instead of income tax, they pay a capitals gains tax if they elect to sell their shares. This act is significantly less than income tax, therefore, it encourages investment in this industry. The diffusion is found when people believe that freedom checks will grant them considerable profits for very little investment. This misunderstanding is mostly due to commercials that aired on the radio they made it sound as if all you have to do is sign up with an email address. Much to their confusion, what you need to do is invest as you would in any other industry.

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Shiraz Boghani

Shiraz Boghani is a renowned entrepreneur and qualified manager in hospitality. Boghani has more than 30 years of experience as a hotelier where he executes his duties with commitment, passion, and professionalism.

Today, Boghani is the chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group. The organization runs more than 20 hotels. For many years, Boghani has garnered enormous success in the hospitality management. The philanthropist received the Hotelier of the Year Award from the Asian Business Awards 2016. The honor is an indication of Boghani’s restless commitment and experienced leadership. In the event of his award, prominent journalists appeared like Shailesh R Solanki, executive editor of AMG, Richmond MP Rishi Sunak, Amit Roy, and investment banker Jitesh Gadhia.

Shiraz Boghani was grateful to be an indication of success in the Splendid Hospitality Group. Boghani said that his success was achievable due to the much support from the Splendid family and the management team. Boghani is the reason for the much improvement and the successful journey of the group to the topmost position in the list of the most developing private hotel groups in the United Kingdom. The businessman is a qualified practicing accountant. Also, he established the limited service branded hotels in the 1990s.

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The most recent other achievements of Shiraz Boghani include the Hilton London Backside, Mercure Bristol Brigstow hotel, and the new Ellington Hotel in Leeds. He takes business opportunities in the healthcare sector as a business person. Currently, he is the co-chair of Sussex Healthcare; the UK-registered care giving home for the seniors. The institution offers residential and medical attention. The healthcare presently owns more than 25 homes and more than 530-bed spaces for the elderly. Apart from taking care of the old, the healthcare facility provides hospitality to adults with cognitive issues like learning disabilities, autism, neurological condition, and brain injuries. The healthcare facility provides a hospitable environment for recreational activities and leisure. Under the leadership of Boghani, the institution received the Investors in People Award.

The leader spends much of his time, and resources in the charity missions. Shiraz Boghani is also the chairman of the Sojourns Hotels LLP. Boghani is a prominent supporter of the Aga Khan Foundation; the UK-registered charity group, and Aga Khan Development Network across the globe. The leader associates with the Arbitration Board, National Council, Aga Khan University, and the National Conciliation. Boghani reached in the UK in the year 1969 from Kenya. The primary goal for Boghani is to change the livelihood of the less fortunate in the whole world.

Clay Siegall: The Genius Behind the Invention of Cancer Antibody Drug

Clay Siegall is the current Chief Executive Officer, president and chairman of the board at Seattle Genetics. Clay co-founded Seattle Genetics in 1998. The company deals with scientific innovation, rigorous research, and drug development practices to develop antibody drugs for cancer patients.

Educational background and career achievements

Clay holds a bachelor’s degree in Zoology from the University of Maryland.

He has been the director of the board of directors at Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc. since 2006 to date. Clay is also the director of the board of directors at Mirna Therapeutics Inc. and Ultragenyx pharmaceutical and among the board of governors at the Fred Hutchinson Research Centre. He previously held a leadership position at National Cancer Institute and Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute before he co-founded Seattle Genetics.

Clay Siegall’s Contribution in Treating Cancer

Cancer has been the primary cause of deaths in the world. This has made many institutions to come up with drugs to treat and prevent adverse effects of cancer. Among them is Seattle genetics, co-founded by Siegall. Under his leadership, the firm came up with the first FDA-approved antibody-drug conjugate. The Antibody-Drug Conjugate technology used at the firm has been used in other pharmaceuticals to improve on the drug. Clay believes the chemotherapies and radiotherapies will be replaced with tolerable medications that do not have adverse effects on the patients.

The Reason Why Clay Siegall Started Seattle Genetics

Clay had the passion for medicine since childhood, and the desire to intervene the course of nature and restore health in people was something he always wanted to do. He became interested in cancer treatment when studying for zoology. His family member was diagnosed with cancer, and the procedure was brutal and ended up killing the family member. He decided to venture into coming up with a better way to treat cancer apart from the amputation, surgery, and chemotherapies.

Clay Siegall is among the few researchers who have worked hard to see the cure for cancer is found, and people receive better treatments that are not brutal and inhuman.

Dick Devos – article recap

Positive change begins at home. This fact has always been at the heart of everything Dick DeVos has done throughout his life. While many people are more familiar with his family’s legacy and his wife, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, Mr. Devos isn’t worried about name recognition. He has been helping Grand Rapids and his fellow citizens for many years.


DeVos, Self-Described as an Aviation Geek, Took on the Task of Bringing an Airline to West Michigan


Several years ago Mr. DeVos called AirTran Airways’ CEO to convince him to help improve the Grand Rapids airport. That simple cold call did more for West Michigan than Mr. DeVos had planned. It greatly improved air travel in the region. Later, AirTran Airways was purchased by Southwest. Mr. DeVos continued to convince the airline to add more travel destinations to the region.



Many people may know that Mr. DeVos has a passion for aviation. He has always described himself as an aviation geek and pilot. That is not why he did it. He wanted to help the region grow and prosper in as many ways possible. Besides, engineering this success, he has also merged his love of aviation and his love of helping children into another successful venture. He, along with the help of his wife, Betsy, began a charter school called West Michigan Aviation Academy. The school was launched in 2010.


DeVos Isn’t Conceited, He Just Knows How to Get Things Done


Mr. DeVos was asked to bring the airlines to West Michigan. He accepted the challenge with one condition. He would do it his way. For Mr. DeVos, his way way to take a business approach. It also meant carrying out his plan to woo the airline without the knowledge of the public or media. It wasn’t done for the shock value. Mr. DeVos doesn’t work like that. It was important to complete the deal without public knowledge to get things done right and quickly.

With Mr. DeVos doing things his way, it did mean he wasn’t willing to bring other people in to help secure the deal For instance, He tapped Dan Wiersma as his wingman for the project. He knew that Wiersma, a businessman he’d known for more than 20 years, could strengthen the plan to bring the airline to West Michigan.


Michigan’s Proud Son Tapped for a Washington, D.C. Aviation Position


Mr. DeVos is familiar with getting things done in Michigan. Although the airport deal is his finest, it is not his only accomplishment. There are too many to include. His hard work has caught the attention of Washington, D.C. In 2017, Mr. DeVos was appointed to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the top civilian panel. He is now one of 13 members on the Management Advisory Council who advises the FFA’s senior management about a variety of things. These things include long-range planning, policy and regulatory issues. Do not worry. Mr. DeVos has not forgot about Michigan. He is as committed to making the state better as he was when he first began making the state great.


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