Projects and Initiatives of Chris Burch, CEO of Burch Creative Capital

Founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital Chris Burch have put in almost forty years as an active investor in many different industries as well as an entrepreneur. Voss water, Poppin, Faena Hotel + Universe, Tory Burch, and Jawbone are just a few of the numerous brands which have taken off.

Indonesian Island Sumba houses a luxury resort called Nihiwatu, which Chris Burch bought and did renovations on. In 2016, the hotel was ranked #1 in the world by Travel + Leisure magazine. A partnership with Philippe Stark, architect, and Alan Faena, hotelier in Argentina, where they were redeveloping land which would eventually house the Faena Hotel + Universe, was where his interest in the hospitality business first started.

Chris Burch partnered with Ellen DeGeneres in July of 2014 to kick off her ED by Ellen DeGeneres lifestyle brand. Contemporary, luxury, energy efficient prefabricated homes with floor plans designed to save space were his next launch in the same year with company Cocoon9. These go along with Burch’s other brands including TRADEMARK, which is women’s accessories and fashion apparel, and Bur+Mah, a business focused on hospitality sourcing, source ( Currently, he is in support of developing several more consumer and lifestyle brands.

Chris Burch is the former president of The Pierre Hotel Co-op Board and he served on the Rothman Institute Orthopaedic Foundation board is former president of The Pierre Hotel Co-op Board. He has donated to many philanthropic initiatives as well as research projects at the Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York and more, as posted on


What’s Next For The American Food Juggernaut OSI Industries

OSI Industries is only one company that helps to makeup the foodservice industry. This particular company has used its brilliance and its intellect to become a global leader in food processing. OSI’s history truly dates back to over 10 decades. As of now, this company has a dominating presence, but it wasn’t always as dominant as it is today. The company simply feeds off the needs of the general public. It provides high-quality services that will make the logistical process look fairly easy. There are more than 60 advanced facilities that constitute OSI Food Solutions. These facilities are strategically located in a number of regions, including Poland,Ukraine, Germany, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Japan and other nations.

Thanks to having such a strong desire to build, OSI Industries has been able to expand its reach much farther than in previous generations. Mergers and acquisitions is the name of the game and this company has surely participated in its share of deals over the past decade. OSI and Turi Foods have justagreed on apartnership to createa world-classfood solutions group. This particular merger was also geared to offer Turi Foods with an extensive line of foods that will be ready for the marketplace. There is always a method to the madness, especially when dealing with OSI Industries. Thanks to the progressive actions of David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin, the sky is truly the limit for OSI.

Lavin is the chief executive officer and McDonald is the president of OSI Industries. This dynamic duo of businessman has taken this company to another level. When being combined, Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald brings more than 50 years of business experience to the board room.

Randal Nardone Believes in the Success of Fortress Investment Group

Since starting work with Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone knew it would be successful. He had a lot of faith for the company and believed he could make things easier for everyone who was a big part of the company. He always tried helping people understand there were things they could get from Fortress Investment Group and that’s what made him the best in the business. Thanks to his dedication as one of the co-founders, he could show people the right way to do things and make sure they had someone who knew what he wanted to do. It was his idea to always do things the right way and give back in different situations. For Randal Nardone, the point of doing all this was because he wanted to make the industry better and wanted people to see they had someone who could experience positive opportunities no matter what.

As long as Randal Nardone knew how to help the people he worked with in the Fortress Investment Group, he could do more for them. There were so many different opportunities he was able to take advantage of and that was something that gave him hope for the future. Using that hope allowed him the chance to give back to everyone who used his ideas.

The opportunities Randal Nardone put into place changed often and he knew there were things that would keep getting better no matter what. For Randal Nardone, the point of doing all this was making sure his clients knew he was working hard for them and giving them everything they needed. Fortress Investment Group was much better than any other financial advisory companies and Randal Nardone knew that when he started. He wanted people to see him as a positive influence and had a lot of faith for the future when it came to these opportunities.

Thanks to Randal Nardone, things continued getting better and people continued seeing someone who knew what he was doing on his own. He always felt good about giving back different opportunities. Randal Nardone continues creating positive options that make Fortress Investment Group the best it can be. original source