Jeff Aronin For Human Health Advancement

We as people have accomplished so much in our time here on Earth. we have been to the Moon and some of the deepest parts of the ocean. we have truly done a lot with what we have. we also have made advancements in the health field they have people living longer and healthier lives than ever in human history. we have adapted and found cures for some of the most World destroying sicknesses and diseases ever. however, we are still researching and finding cure for other diseases. new sicknesses pop up all the time and we are on the way of figuring them out. discovering how to stop medical and health issues is part of our desire of human advancement. fortunately, we have people and companies that are in this fight with us who are doing their best to find cures and remedies for our detractors. Jeff Aronin the entrepreneur and Paragon biosciences are on the case.

Jeff Aronin is a CEO of paragon biosciences which is a company that strives to find cures for the most dangerous diseases with little to no treatments. they don’t do this directly but rather they create or higher smaller companies to complete these tasks. some smaller independent companies could help, and I’ll fight against diseases they just don’t have the chance and that is what Paragon biosciences gives them.

Jeff Aronin himself worked in the medical field until he found what he wanted to do as a supporter. He has 20 years of experience within the biotechnology community and field and knows exactly what to look for. when his company was bought by a bigger company they decided to let him Remain the CEO because of his expertise and it has truly paid off. Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals and harmony biosciences are just two of the companies that Jeff and his company has helped to build. Harmony biosciences works on central nervous system disorders such as narcolepsy which desperately needs treatment in the current time. Jeff Aronin is a man of the people and is doing this all for those who have no options in their life. he is a big supporter of the Chicago community and has made it his business to find medical support for its people. This is all in the name of human advancement.

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