Recieving Residual Income With Freedom Checks

Most people think that retirement goals can be accomplished with social security payments and a 401 (k). However, it would be extremely difficult for an individual to live off of social security alone. Also, a 401 (k) will deliver mediocre returns. The prudent investor who wishes to live a lavish retirement and leave money for their family when they pass on should learn about Freedom Checks can offer. The financial expert who began informing people about this investment option was Matt Badiali. Many in the finance world accused him of trying to scam people. It did not take long before the world caught on that this was an amazing investment opportunity with some serious profit potential.

Matt Badiali was encouraging investors to think of their retirement when considering Freedom Checks as a best investment option. The companies that issue these checks operate without having to fork over tax money to the government, which makes these very profitable entities. They also pay some of the highest dividend yields of any company traded on the major stock exchanges. Individuals who receive these payments are very fortunate because they don’t pay any taxes on the payments they receive. A tax-free residual income is just the thing an individual would need to survive and thrive while living in retirement. If an individual has a decent initial investment, their recurring dividend payments could end up being substantially higher than some social security payment.

It is possible that the price of oil could be higher in the future. If this were to happen, then investing in Freedom Checks would be even more worthwhile for an investor. Most of the companies that issue these payments will see their profits increase if the price of oil rises. This means that shareholders will likely see higher share prices in these companies, as well as receive even higher distribution payments. While this investment opportunity is profitable, an investment can result in losses. Therefore, it is wise to research and perform proper analysis before investing any money into Freedom Checks. It does not take a lot of starting capital to begin to take advantage in the fantastic investment option.

Wes Edens’ Brightline Strategically Partners with Virgin Group

Brightline has been America’s pride as the main private intercity railroad system for over a century now. Recently, they announced their trademark licensing agreement and premeditated affiliation with Virgin Group, a renowned brand in the hospitality and travel industry. That partnership is expected to give Brightline an opportunity to leverage Virgin’s ability to dominate the industry and their unmatched customer experience. The merging of the two giants will undoubtedly give birth to a new brand, which they have named Virgin Trains USA. Their primary objective is to enhance the growth of the passenger train in the USA. Read the article of Wes Edens at

Creating innovative transport system has been the primary objective for Wes Edens, who co-founded Fortress Investment Group and serves as the Chairman of Brightline. He firmly believes that since VirGgin roup has equally invested in building their brand, then the shared focus will achieve great success. Additionally, the merged teams are driven by a culture of commitment and innovation. Precisely, Virgin Group boasts over 60 companies that depend on it. Some of the industries that rely on Virgin Group include telecoms and media, travel and leisure, health and wellness, music and entertainment and financial service industry.

Today, millions of Americans enjoy riding on trains daily, courtesy of Virgin. This convenient transport system is likely to experience tangible improvements as a result of the strategic partnership. As Richard Branson and Wes Edens confirm, Brightline, being at the forefront of innovations in the same industry, is the perfect partner to work with Virgin. Together, they will play a huge role in altering people’s perceptions of train transport in the United States.

The partnership is likely to bring in store a lot more than the usual. Already, an affiliate to Virgin is contemplating investing in Brightline upon agreeing on some closing term and conditions. Resources controlled by members of Fortress will maintain the majority of Brightline’s ownership. Wes Edens and his firm will have their current administration crew overseeing daily operations of the company. Again, the company will gladly rebrand from Brightline to Virgin Trains USA. Virgin Trains USA will be a force for America to reckon with, just as Wes Edens and Richard Branson predict.

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Betsy DeVos: Publicly Polite, But A Political Fighter With The Best Of Them

In February 2017, newly-minted Education Secretary Betsy DeVos had an important task at hand: she was meeting with a representative for gay and transgender individuals at the U.S. Department of Education to alert them to the fact that President Trump had just rescinded the law allowing for transgender individuals to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with. Privately, DeVos did not support the move, but publicly she showed no inkling whatsoever of there being any discord in Trump’s cabinet. While this led to several unfair portrayals of her being a meek team player, those who know the DeVoses well in Michigan know that she is anything but that. “She instilled fear in a lot of people, and it wasn’t just because she’s a billionaire,” Mike Cox, former Republican Michigan Attorney General said. “I found Betsy to be very determined, steely, when she sets her mind on a goal.”


For more than three decades now, Betsy DeVos has fought to give charter schools an equal footing with public schools. One of the things that has spurred her on would be her belief that even poor parents should have the choice to send their kids to better schools. Simply put she believes that a good charter school will not only provide a solid education to children with limited means, but it will also force public schools to do better as well. In this case, she believes competition is a good thing. She also uses the Detroit public school system as a class example. She notes that it is a disaster and that the charter schools are doing much better. To wit, she thinks that the Detroit public school system should simply be shut down.


Besides her ardent belief in free market choices in education for all choices, she also believes in working together with whomever she can to accomplish her goals. That is one of the reasons why she recently visited a number of Miami charter schools with the rapper Pit Bull. They spoke together at a charter school in PitBull’s hometown of Miami called SLAM! Charter School in which PitBull was a celebrity founder of. Miami’s SLAM Charter School is devoted to students in 6th through 12th grade and is focused not only on student achievement but also on sports leadership and management. PitBull, whose real name is Armando Christian Perez, has actually started a number of charter schools even though he has been harshly criticized by his opponents for his rough rap lyrics. On the surface, it would appear that Betsy DeVos would not have much in common with PitBull, but they share a love for expanding on the School Choice movement. As Education Secretary, DeVos knows that she take any kind of asset she can.


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