Medical Inventions Under Doctor Saad Saad

Saad Saad is a doctor living in America. He is an accomplished surgeon specializing in pediatrics. In his career life, he has been able to perform many complex pediatric surgeries especially for the children from the poor families. What he kept doing during his career time s to improve the procedures and methods that were existing when performing the surgeries. All he kept doing is to challenge a status quo and he aimed at finding a way he could reduce the risks and pain that his patients used to experience. This resulted to the doctor where he patented inventions and also came up with some developed pediatric procedures.


In more than the 40 years where he was working as a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad used to perform the complex surgeries and he did to both patients that were either residing in his United States community or outside the community. He also helped through medical missions where he was offering free complex surgeries, especially to the poor children.


In his inventions, there were these medical catheters. Catheters are tubes that are used to serve a wide range of functions. Some specific tubes are used to treat some medical conditions and can help to perform during surgical procedures but after they are inserted into the body. When inside, they can provide some access to the surgical instruments where they drain the fluids or gases as well as performing other useful tasks which depends on the type of the catheter that has been used. When certain catheters are inserted inside the body, they can be left as temporary or permanent. Learn more:


So that catheter can be inserted in the right location when inside the body, the surgeons have to ensure that they have tracked its exact position. During the traditional times, they used to use X-ray as the way. However, one single X-ray cannot put a patient at a significant risk of being ill but when under frequent radiation rays exposure it might bring illness. The alternative method that was used is the MRI which was performed to avoid X-rays when tracking a catheter. The problem was that MRI machines were heavy and huge and they were not portable which made them the impractical option.


In the second invention of Saad Saad was to enable the improvement of the endoscopes uses. An endoscope is an optical device where it has the use of looking the inside parts of the patient’s body, especially during surgery or examinations. They have that capability of looking inside the stomach, colon, bladder, windpipe, and throat. With these, the doctor can get the necessary visual picture of the problem that the patient is facing and he will not have done any scan or perform a surgery.