EOS Lip Balm; an innovation in lip care

EOS is a widely known lip balm that has a unique design and a variety of fun flavors. The founders of this company ,Jonathan Teller and Sanjiv Merhra, seen that the lip care industry had been lazy for decades. Nearly all manufactures of lip balm shared the same product container as well as the same repeating flavors.

When developing the design of EOS the two kept women in mind, since after all they purchase close to 80 percent of all lip products on the market. They noted that the tubular shapes of traditional lip balms made them harder to find in handbags, so an egg-like round shape would be easily spotted for use.

The company went in with their unusual shaped lip balm not knowing exactly what to expect from customers. To their surprise the product was received very well. Even though the brand was unknown the design of it made the lip balm have a great advantage ,in the eyes of potential customers. Another element was that since the product was new people were willing to try it simply for that.

Today, almost seven years since they first launched EOS is valued at $250 million dollars. It can be found in nearly every store , and is greatly loved by their customer who eagerly await to see which exciting flavors will come out next.

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EOS Lip Balm – The Alternate Lip Care Products

Beauty is a paramount aspect of any lady’s life. Amongst the top listed priorities on facial beauty is lip care. There are numerous competent products that would rather leave one unsettled as of which product is suitable for their lips.

One re-known worldwide line of lip balms is the EO S lip balms. They are specifically made conspicuous and pleasing to the eyes of its users. They are normally known for their pretty round, colorful containers which are designed each for its specific flavor. This product is user friendly and comes in different shades giving its consumers an option to have their desired flavor. More here.

Among the flavors of the EO S lip balm include; Vanilla Mint, Coconut Milk, Pomegranate raspberry and Blueberry Acai, just a few of the available flavors. You may also see these amazing flavors here on walgreens.com. Different clients have different preferences or rather just a taste for a particular flavor. Worry not, EO S got you covered.

Through approval from dermatologists, the fact that it is hypoallergenic and petroleum free means that the users of the products have no risk to acquire skin-related complications. Rather, one is left with smooth, soft and admirable lips. This lip balm boasts of being organic up to 95% and inclusive of advantageous vitamins, shea butter and jojoba oils all of these being even more beneficial to the body. Hop here on blogwebpedia.com.


About EOS lip balm

What distinguishes EOS lip balm from other products? The fact that its manufactures considered coming out with an all-natural and cost effective product that doubles up to provide healing for chapped lips. Unlike others that are inclusive of petroleum which block the skin from absorbing nutrients, the EO S is free of petroleum thus the lips are able to absorb in its beneficial nutrients.

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If you are wondering what product to consider, EOS lip balm could be what you are missing.