Dr. Saad Saad Explains Some Of His Life-Saving Medical Inventions

There is no question that doctor Saad Saad is a pioneer in many different life-saving medical inventions. He is constantly attempting to challenge the status quo, always looking at new ways to improve existing procedures and methods. A certain time ago, he realized he needed to develop some things that would go above and beyond just his ordinary medical practice. As a pediatrician, his goal was to develop some life-saving equipment so that is exactly what he did.


A New Catheter


Dr. Saad Saad’s first invention was the development of a new type of catheter. Originally, in order for catheters to be effective doctors, would have to know where they were located. For a permanent, surgically-implanted catheter, the only way to determine the location of the catheter on an ongoing basis would be to run x-rays a great deal of the time. Unfortunately for catheter patients, this meant exposing them to repeated bouts of radiation and increasing their chances of getting some sort of cancer. However, Dr. Saad Saad’s new catheter utilizes electromagnetic location information to help doctors locate the catheter without x-rays or bulky MRI machines. Learn more: https://doctor.webmd.com/doctor/saad-saad-md-3d5f8ce5-a764-4c86-b201-e50ec51cd7f2-overview


A New Endoscope


Dr. Saad also made an invention that improved the use of endoscopes. These instruments are often utilized by a doctor to look into the throat, windpipe, bladder, colon, or even the stomach during surgery. In a word, they are incredibly useful in helping a surgeon to get a visual picture of what is going on. However, here are liquids inside these organs that can fog up endoscopes and make it next to impossible for doctors to be able to see the current condition of the interior of the organ. Dr. Saad’s Improved endoscope machine addresses this very problem. Dr. Saad has developed a new endoscope that has a suction function, removing all of the liquids on the interior of the organ and helping doctors to still be able to see the current interior condition.


Dr. Saad Saad – Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention


When you ask Dr. Saad Saad why he has such a passion for inventing new medical equipment, he will simply tell you, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” In his pediatric practice at Eatontown, NJ, Dr. Saad has always been dedicated to going the extra mile to save the lives of his patients. Dr. Saad realizes that he can only win when he makes the job of his fellow doctors easier and also increases the chances of his patients living longer, healthier, and more productive lives.


President Trump will not Sign up New Applications for the DACA Program

People who are not familiar with immigration policy might not understand the importance of DACA. This is a piece of legislation that gives illegal immigrants who were minors before the year 2007, the right to stay within the United States. An illegal alien cannot participate within this program unless they were 16 years old (or younger) before the year 2007. Also, they cannot benefit from DACA if they have committed some type serious criminal offense in the country where they are leaving.


President Obama created this program as a means to help young illegal aliens who have adjusted to the American way of life. Remember, very few children cross the border on their own. There is a parent or some type of adult taking them from their homeland to make the journey into the U.S. Once the children arrive and start to make a new life; they have in a sense become an American.


The former Obama Administration also set this program into motion to extend the former DREAM ACT which was created in 2001. This legislation was only used once, and it was persistently rejected by Congress during that time. Remember that the DREAM ACT stood for the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors. This legislation would have helped illegal aliens who entered the country in 2001 to find permanent residency.


President Trump does not want to provide aliens (adults or their children) the right to stay in America. Even thought the DACA program extends an illegal alien’s right to stay in the U.S. for a 2-year time period; Trump and many Republicans do now want to offer this type of benefit for illegal aliens.


Keep in mind that many illegal aliens that were 16 and younger before 2007 are now between the ages of 11 and 37. Many of these younger Americans attend school, are employed and have a connection with American society. They contribute to their community and many of them have families of their own. They in fact have made the U.S. their home.


The Frontera Fund is a monetary endowment that was created by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The fund was formed in 2007 and it is designed to support organizations that fight for the rights of immigrants and migrants. Civil Rights organizations also benefit from this fund as well. The Frontera Fund is now being used to support various legal organizations that fight to keep this legislation from destroying the lives of over 800,000 registered DACA members. The fund is also important for protecting illegal aliens who never received the benefit from DACA and could be deported at any moment.


Frontera Fund founders realize that immigrant people are constantly in danger of being exploited because of their legal status as citizens. The state of Arizona is a border state where immigration issue is extremely complicated. There are many Latino children whose lives will be ripped apart if their parents have to be deported because they no longer remain in the country.


There are other major problems to consider as well. President Trump will allow current members of DACA to renew for the program before the March 5, 2018 deadline. However, no new applications will be taken. Lacey and Larkin and their Frontera Fund will continue to fight to help illegal aliens to remain in the U.S. despite Trump’s persistence to remove them.

Securus Technologies Use Wireless Containment Systems to Stop Inmates from Making Cell Phone Calls

Securus Technologies is a leader in technology solutions for the criminal justice and public safety organizations in the United States. Securus Technologies has instituted the use of their wireless containment systems to eliminate inmates from successfully using contraband cell phones to promote crimes. In the recent past a cell phone was used to order a hit on a South Carolina corrections officer and a Georgia infant. In both cases an inmate or inmates were able to use a contraband cell phone to order the hits.


Most people are aware of the fact that prisoners are not allowed to own or use a cell phone while incarcerated. To get around these limits, inmates have enlisted family and friends to smuggle cell phones into the prisons. If found by prison officials, the cell phones are confiscated, but often not before they can be used. Securus Technologies found a way around searching for cell phones in the prison cells; instead they built a wireless containment system that stops calls emanating from inside the prison walls from making it outside to the networks if they haven’t been authorized.


The wireless containment system is essentially a network built inside the prison. Each cell phone call must be routed through that network before reaching an outside network or a network operated by AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc. When the wireless containment system fails to recognize a number, the call simply is not completed.


Robert Johnson is the contraband officer that stirred the ire of inmates to so much, that they ordered a hit on him. Early one morning, gunmen broke into his home while he was dressing for work and shot him six times in the mid-section. He was rushed to the hospital and after 23 surgeries and two resuscitations, he survived. When he started back to work, his aim was to put a stop to prisoners having access to cell phones while incarcerated. He spoke in congressional hearings and now he is a consultant with Securus Technologies, a company that has found a solution to the problem.


The incarcerated prisoners were so ruthless that they hired hit men to kill a nine month old baby, because he was the nephew of a wayward criminal cohort. The inmates were teaching him a lesson. The baby died in his mother’s arms on a Georgia street. The Securus Wireless Containment System prevents prisoners from successfully executing plans to harm other prisoners, prison guards and their families, witnesses, victims, friends, family and any others.


Inmates have found an effective way to continue their criminal activity from behind bars in prison. Securus Technologies has ensured that one of the highest threats to others has been eliminated. Prisons will no longer be able to complete cell phone calls from behind prison walls.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco: Bradesco Appoints New President

There are some major changes coming to Sao Paulo, where Banco Bradesco has found a new individual to take over its leadership. Current head of Bradesco Seguros, Octavio de Lazari Junior, will take over for Luiz Carlos Trabuco. This change happens on March 12th, 2018, as a meeting will be held to officially announce Bradesco’s new President. As the successor to Trabuco, Lazari Junior once had dreams of playing soccer. Lazari’s father was a client who used his prior relationship with management to give his son a shot at the open postition.

Luiz Trabuco mentions in a statement that Lazari Junior must still work very hard according to valor.com.br. This includes from the time he is voted into this new position throughout his term. Octavio Lazari spoke about his predecessors during a press conference that was announcing the change of command. Mentioning that Bradesco will be victorious when the final gavel hits, he talks about his many plans of continuing the legacy that will be left by Mr. Brandao and Luiz Carlos Trabuco. The obvious choice for Trabuco’s replacement did not go as smoothly as it seems, however, as there was some opposition.

The personal winnings and successes of Lazari Junior are recognized by the company, and due its just praise. He became department director in 2010, and then he moved on to the new position of CEO in 2012. In 2017, Lazari Junior really excelled as he became executive director VP and President of Bradesco Seguros Group.

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An announcement was made recently by Bradesco Seguros that talked about the fact that the bank ended the year 2017 with revenues of $76.3 billion Reals. This means that there was a rise of 6.8% in comparison to the year 2016. With a market share of 26%, Bradesco reported the highest of the last few years, as bankers being optimistic of the national economy in 2018 cited inflation to be of the more important topics moving forward. Lazari and Trabuco both stress the importance of pension and the continuance of reform in this area.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco, current CEO of Banco Bradesco, has been in this position since March 2009. He has served as its Executive Vice President and has a long history with this bank. He has worked as a Managing Director, Vice President, and Departmental Director as well before becoming CEO. He started his professional career at Bradesco in 1969 and will work up until the date that Lazari becomes President.

See: http://economia.estadao.com.br/noticias/geral,bradesco-anuncia-substituto-de-luiz-trabuco-na-presidencia-do-banco,70002178384

Omar Boraie: The man behind the vision at Boraie Development, LLC

Omar Boraie is 73-years-old but you couldn’t tell that by his energy. He is the president of Boraie Development, LLC, the leading urban real estate company in New Jersey. He remembers all the nonbelievers and people that called him crazy since he decided he wanted to revive New Brunswick just as he saw Europe revived after the devastation of the World War II when he traveled there from Egypt. In those days, New Brunswick resembled more like a ghost town than the modern city that he now sees from his eight-floor office on Albany Street. That building was his first big project in New Brunswick.

According to Rutgers, when he purchased 21 dilapidated buildings in the area, many thought he was crazy. But he still did it. The structure, Albany Street Plaza Tower One, fetched New Brunswick a much-needed Class A office building, during the 1980s and ’90s. Tower Two was completed in 2003.

He did not stop there. The city now needed top-notch residential units for the people now working in his elite towers, so Omar Boraie started another amazing project: One Spring Street Condominium, a building in the style of SoHo and Upper East Side in New York. Twenty-five floors, 121 apartments, 40,000 square feet for offices, 10,000 square feet for retail, and an outdoor space for leisure.

And again: tons of skeptics. And, again, Omar had the last laugh. The complex sold out in two months. People started believing in his vision. He cites lots of other people and organizations that collaborated: John Lynch, the New Brunswick Development Corporation, Harvey Holzberg, John Heldrich, Rutgers University, Mayor James Cahill, the New Brunswick Tomorrow, David Crabiel, and countless others. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.

It may have taken nearly a decade, but the combination of great people in a quality living and working area, has helped make his dreams of building downtown New Brunswick, a reality.

Reference: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/companies/0601263D:US-boraie-development-llc

Female Cosmetic Pioneer Doe Deere Reaches Out To Dreamers

Doe Deere, unicorn princess because of her unique colors, and marketing expert because of her ability to almost single-handedly launch a now, million dollar cosmetic empire. Many will find it hard to find that the youthful face, and gentle voice is that of a highly recognized female entrepreneur. Her cosmetics are designed to help her wearers find their unique identity with the help of intricate colors. Sitting down with the popular beauty magazine online, the Story Exchange, Deere says, everyone was not always on board with her idea of color, but design would soon make way for her true passion.


The Unicorn Queen Color Creation


When you think of a unicorn, you think of unlimited possibilities and resilience. Deere expected no less for her cosmetics being one of the first to blend bold colors with the new matte formula. Her clients are use to her products going on with a touch-free application and an exclusive super-foil finish. Choose from a rich line of eye-shadow and lipstick products exclusively from the Lime Crime brand created by Doe Deere. Their liquid eye-liner with a complete waterproof formula has also been one of her best selling cosmetics.


Recent News About Doe Deere



Deere has never been afraid to take risk and she also understands the importance of being able to expand on your craft or brand. For example, over the past year, Deere has introduced several new product ideas to her wearers. Her cosmetics are the the birth of her color ideas, but she tells Story Exchange there are several new color projects under way. She tells other men and women to follow their dreams with passion and put a significant amount of work towards making goals for tour success and meeting this goals. Today, Deere is the 2026 honoree of The female entrepreneur awards.


Background Bio: Doe Deere


During her early years in Russia, Deere knew from a young age, how much she enjoyed selling and marketing. Her small business took fruition at the tender age of thirteen with the branding and marketing of novelty tattoos. She would later move to New York City, only to find that her options were limitless. Deere would later enter design school and receive her certification. However, Deere also tried her hand in a rock band for a while, but would follow her bath to colors.


Lime Crime Creator: Doe Deere


As a female entrepreneur, Deere was able to negotiate a deal for a China e-commerce market. The amount of black-market matte products being sold were at an all time high. In fact, the Lime Crime global analyst admitted it needed to be contained. Lime Crime also warns against black-market cosmetics because they can be harmful on your skin. Lime Crime products are authentically made with vegan ingredients and are completely hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types. Join The Lime Crime family today and order products exclusively from their website or select retail Bloomingdale department stores today.


Visit https://www.limecrime.com/pages/our-founder to learn more.

Robert Ivy The Architectural Genius

Robert Ivy is currently the executive chief for the American Institute of Architects. The American Institute of Architects is a firm that represents licensed professionals and architects in the industry of construction and design. It is known for coming up with new foundation designs for public health and is even better known for being the ultimate architects of health.
Robert Ivy holds an English B.A from the University of Sewanee and an Architecture master’s degree from the University of Tulane. Straight from the University, Mr. Ivy landed a job at Architectural Record as an editor in chief and later moved to a higher rank at McGraw Hill, a construction media house as a vice president and director of editing. While at McGraw, he wrote for several famed magazines like HQ, SNAP, the magazine for sustainable design and ENR just to mention a few.
Robert Ivy has also served on a number of panels for judging architects and architectural designs including the panel that won Frank Gehry the contract to scheme the Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. Other than that he is also a senior fellow at the council for Design Futures.
Robert has always aimed at success in all his career endeavors and for this reason, has won himself and the firms that he has worked for a number of prestigious awards. Some of these awards include the Premier Magazine Journalism Award, National Magazine Award and more than two dozen Jesse H. Neal awards that he helped Architectural Record win during his tenure there. Individually, he has won the most coveted business media award of all time called the Crain Award and an award for excellent performance at McGraw Hill. Besides all these awards, his most impressive achievement of all time was being named the Master Architect by the National Fraternity for Architecture eight years ago. This made him one of only seven individual to get such ranking from the fraternity since it came into existence in the past century.
Having made a good number of successful publications, Robert Ivy is now settled at AIA as its CEO for seven years now and is giving maximum attention to his work. Hopefully, he makes an impact at the firm like he has made in the past firms that he has worked in.

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Twenty Three Layer Can Plan Your Dream Party

Party planning does not have to be a hassle. In fact, the party planning experience can be rather fun, if you keep in mind a few planning tips that can simplify the process. The key to effective party planning is organization and early preparation. Create a no-hassle no stress party be heeding the following tips.

Organization is, perhaps, one of the most important methods of avoiding an overwhelming planning experience. Having a master-to do list is a great way to stay organized. Furthermore, having small to do lists for each task may prove to be helpful.

Constructing a party theme for a party is an effective way to stay motivated. Almost everyone loves the festivity of a themed party. Themes are endless.

Invitations are a must! This process can be included in the first suggestion. Make sure to add invitations to the master check list. Online invitations are currently in vogue, and may be the best method of delivery for a last-minute party. However, mailing invitations are a personal option that can be easily customized, if time permits.

Offering party-goers the option to mix their own drinks adds to the appeal of the party scene. Create a festive feel with a decanter and a few different options of liquor along with popular mixers.

Make your own specialty drink for a party. Who can forget a homemade concoction? Spice up the feel with creative glassware and garnishes.

Make it a rule to keep appetizers simple. Appetizers with lengthy baking time can overwhelm a host. Why complicate a process that can be rather easy? Keep it simple. Take this advice for settings as well.

Kids deserve an area too. So, make sure you make them a special kids’ corner with children friendly foods and activities.

Most importantly stay relaxed! Smile, relax, and have fun. Lastly, end with party favors that will serve as a memory of the gathering.

Seeking the assistance of event planning companies in NYC will also simplify the process. Corporate event planners in NYC are especially helpful when planning large corporate gatherings. Twenty Three Layers, an event planning company in New York, provides food, decor, and entertainment.

Securus Technologies Highly Progressive Correctional Firm Based in the United States

In the correctional field, it is essential for the companies to continually focus on innovation and developing cutting-edge technologies these days. The competition in the penitentiary area has been growing at a massive pace, and one of the companies that have been leading this race is Securus Technologies. The company has spent over $600 million in the last few years for research and development and also to acquire patents. It would help the company to dominate the corrections space and develop new technologies that would help the inmates as well as the law enforcement agencies. The primary aim of the company is to ensure that it can contribute generously and consistently to modernize the corrections space.


Securus Technologies has also been focusing on acquiring developing companies in the correctional sphere to expand its business operations further. It would help the company to consolidate its position and would also ensure that it can add new products and services to its portfolio. In its attempt to do so, the company recently acquired GovPayNet, which is a leading payment processing services for the associated government payments. With the help of GovPayNet, the inmates and their families can pay the government dues for various departments directly from their phone. It is a very convenient option to make payment to the government, and the company has been growing steadily in the last few years.


With the acquisition of GovPayNet, Securus Technologies has gained a commanding position in the payment processing sector. It recently also acquired Jpay Inc, which is another money transfer service provider in the corrections space. With so many strategic acquisitions made by Securus Technologies, the company has sure gained an edge over its competitors and has also added a considerably sized revenue as well as customer base to its existing base.



Brown Modelling Agency: Curating Southern Talent

Working in the fashion industry and establishing one’s self therein might be a dream of many, but there are only a few who are able to achieve this vision. The competition is fierce, and the stakes are even higher. But while being a model or a designer in the fashion industry might be tough, there is a lot of work on the part of the talent agency who is putting together the two parties as well. Modelling agencies are the ones that provide designers with a pool of models so that they can quickly get in touch with the models that they need. Modelling agencies have their work cut out for them, and the competition can be fierce.



One person who knows this entire scene all too well is Justin Brown. Having worked at a talent agency, and as a model, Brown knows the industry inside out. When he was in college, he would work as a model to earn some extra cash on the side. He realized that if he just kept in good shape and presented himself well, he could earn more than any other kind of job at the college level would pay him. He obtained his degree in business administration and then decided that he wanted to work behind the scenes as opposed to being the one in front of the camera. He then started working in California in a casting agency. He was put in the talent development department and was responsible for training the models that were signed up with them.



After working for a considerable amount of time with the agency, Brown decided that it was now time to set up his agency. But establishing and being successful as a talent agency in southern California would be a hard task, which is why he decided to move to Austin and set up Brown Agency there. Even though setting up and being successful in a smaller market would be more comfortable and a lot more profitable, there were some challenges that the company started to face. People were initially averse to the idea of paying for model training, but Brown insisted that it was the best way to attract more designers and get better brands onboard. The agency paid close attention to the kind of models that they hired because southern brands and designers would only ask for southern models, and models that fit their specific criteria. The southern fashion industry didn’t move at the same pace as the international fashion scene, and working around this might have been one of the most significant hurdles for the agency.



According to Market Wired, today, Brown Modelling Agency has risen to being one of the top agencies in the state of Texas. The models hired here have gone on to work with big brands and have walked on some of the most significant stages in the state.


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