Dick Devos – article recap

Positive change begins at home. This fact has always been at the heart of everything Dick DeVos has done throughout his life. While many people are more familiar with his family’s legacy and his wife, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, Mr. Devos isn’t worried about name recognition. He has been helping Grand Rapids and his fellow citizens for many years.


DeVos, Self-Described as an Aviation Geek, Took on the Task of Bringing an Airline to West Michigan


Several years ago Mr. DeVos called AirTran Airways’ CEO to convince him to help improve the Grand Rapids airport. That simple cold call did more for West Michigan than Mr. DeVos had planned. It greatly improved air travel in the region. Later, AirTran Airways was purchased by Southwest. Mr. DeVos continued to convince the airline to add more travel destinations to the region.



Many people may know that Mr. DeVos has a passion for aviation. He has always described himself as an aviation geek and pilot. That is not why he did it. He wanted to help the region grow and prosper in as many ways possible. Besides, engineering this success, he has also merged his love of aviation and his love of helping children into another successful venture. He, along with the help of his wife, Betsy, began a charter school called West Michigan Aviation Academy. The school was launched in 2010.


DeVos Isn’t Conceited, He Just Knows How to Get Things Done


Mr. DeVos was asked to bring the airlines to West Michigan. He accepted the challenge with one condition. He would do it his way. For Mr. DeVos, his way way to take a business approach. It also meant carrying out his plan to woo the airline without the knowledge of the public or media. It wasn’t done for the shock value. Mr. DeVos doesn’t work like that. It was important to complete the deal without public knowledge to get things done right and quickly.

With Mr. DeVos doing things his way, it did mean he wasn’t willing to bring other people in to help secure the deal For instance, He tapped Dan Wiersma as his wingman for the project. He knew that Wiersma, a businessman he’d known for more than 20 years, could strengthen the plan to bring the airline to West Michigan.


Michigan’s Proud Son Tapped for a Washington, D.C. Aviation Position


Mr. DeVos is familiar with getting things done in Michigan. Although the airport deal is his finest, it is not his only accomplishment. There are too many to include. His hard work has caught the attention of Washington, D.C. In 2017, Mr. DeVos was appointed to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the top civilian panel. He is now one of 13 members on the Management Advisory Council who advises the FFA’s senior management about a variety of things. These things include long-range planning, policy and regulatory issues. Do not worry. Mr. DeVos has not forgot about Michigan. He is as committed to making the state better as he was when he first began making the state great.


Read http://dickdevos.com/news/ to learn more.


The media recently introduced Freedom checks which look similar to the check one gets when there is a tax refund from the government. Most viewers are assuming that these ads on the media about freedom checks are too good to be true and a scam which would work for a very minimal number of people who may try to gain anything from it. The nature of these ads which shows an over-excitement about the concept may be the reason why people feel this way. However, people are only writing off this concept because they have no idea who Matt Bidali is and also a no proper understanding of these checks. Read more at banyanhill.com to learn more.

Matt Bidali, with a background in geology, is a financial analyst from Penn State University which was where he received his degree in Bachelor of Science. He also got a Master’s degree in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. As a geologist, he has been able to interview CEOs knowledgeably thus learning about investments from them. After the crash of the Stock market in 2008, Matt Bidali against the advice of his family and friends purchased stock in Kaminak Gold Corp. At the time the market was going down, Matt’s stock was going up; having bought the stock at $0.06 and sold it at $2.64 thereby gaining a 4400 percent profit.

Freedom checks are not from the government; they are private checks. They are an investment and were first introduced in an investment newsletter. The reality here is that this form of investment needs commitment. You should make repeated investments for you to receive a payout at a date in the future. This means that for you to make this type of investment, you should think about it a lot more than it is implied in the ads.

According to Matt Bidali, Freedom checks are a secret program that presidents over the last 40 years have been working on. Here we see Matt Bidali promoting Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) which is a business partnership which has a role of a publicly traded limited partnership where you obtain partnership advantages related to taxes. This means that your profits are taxed when your investors receive their earnings. This also means that an MLP in a public company can enjoy high liquidity and fluid nature.

Read: http://releasefact.com/2018/03/can-matt-badialis-freedom-checks/




A fine of approximately R $ 250,000.00 will be given to anyone who submits their yearly declaration of Brazilian Capitals Abroad (CBE ANNUAL) late. The same fine may be given to anyone who submits an incomplete form, a form with an error or a form with any false information. This information was revealed by lawyer Ricardo Tosto de Oliviera Carvalho. The deadline for submitting the returns had been set on April 5th.

In addition to this, the quarterly statements of the CBE Annual should also be submitted throughout the year to the Central Bank of Brazil (BACEN). The forms for the declarations are available online on the Brazilian Central Bank website. One can select between the Quarterly CBE and Annual CBE. However, the annual CBE is ideal for investors who are Brazilian citizens with foreign assets. These assets include shares, equity participation in companies, deposits, real estate, and fixed income securities, among others. These should be equal to 100,000 U.S dollars or more. The Quarterly CBE is ideal for Brazilian citizens who have any kind of assets of abroad which are equivalent to or more than 100,000,000 million U.S dollars. Although the initial deadline for the quarterly CBE has already elapsed, it had been placed between March 31st and it elapsed on June 5th. Then the next one will be between July 31st and September 6th. The final one should be between October 31st and December 18th.

The Central Bank of Brazil has placed the following foreign assets as declarable to them; Loans in currency, deposits in current accounts which are abroad, investments in a portfolio, direct investments, application in financial derivatives, financing exports of goods and services, and financial leasing and leasing.


Ricardo Tosto de Oliviera Carvalho is a highly qualified Brazilian lawyer who specializes in Business Law. Some of the issues that he deals with include banking law. The lawyer is also a partner of Leite, Tosto & Barros Advogados Associados which is a law firm that specializes in business law and banking law. This law firm is among the best in mass litigation cases. The lawyer who is among the best in Brazil works with dedication, efficiency, professionalism, and strategy.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliviera Carvalho is a professional lawyer who has been approved to work with the Latin American Association of Corporate Law (LACCA ).


Larkin & Lacey

There is a whole rhetoric behind the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund that you must understand. According to this rhetoric, the world is dominated by whites and majority-white countries.

As a result, the world has the most positive bias toward whites and various levels of negative bias toward everyone else. This creates a climate where whites are the most privileged over everyone else. European beauty, social norms and aesthetics are thought of as being “normal,” and everything else is looked at with suspicion.

This social paradigm trickles down into how non-white people are treated on a daily basis. It is ingrained in the psyches of many people, especially whites, and it leads to discrimination. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/ and http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/relevant-links/

Sometimes, when non-white people are discriminated against, the discriminators aren’t purposely trying to discriminate—they just have subconscious thoughts in their minds that encourage them to discriminate.

They may make up other, more palatable reasons for discriminating. Some people who discriminate do it on purpose with the intent of striking fear into people’s hearts, or to make people feel uncomfortable. Either way, discrimination is unfair.

For many years, Sheriff Arpaio was a discriminator. Whether he did it consciously or subconsciously is a whole discussion. Some people talk about him like he is the most evil guy on the planet. Read more: Jim Larkin | Twitter and Michael Lacey | Twitter

To be honest, if he didn’t mean to hurt anybody and thought that he was “just doing his job” by bothering Latino motorists, can we really blame him for being a bad guy? Perhaps he really believed that he wasn’t hurting anybody.

In such a situation, can we really blame him for having racism ingrained in his mind from growing up in American society—a society built off of the backs of colored people?

This is the reason why organizations such as the Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund absolutely need to exist. The problem is not Arpaio, himself.

The problem is that we live in a system where there are so many horrible implications that are deeply and silently ingrained in various levels of society—from the individual level to the national level.

Organizations like the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund help to make people consciously aware of the folly in their ways by supporting organizations that give a voice to Latinos, immigrants and LGBTQ folk.

The more these demographics are able to speak out, the more they will be able to break the silent social order of white privilege and negative bias toward colored people.

The founders, Jim Larkni and Michael Lacey, understand first-hand how disparaging it is to be under the heel of a more privileged person. About 11 years ago, they were wrongfully arrested by Sheriff Arpaio—a man who had a privileged position.

Arpaio, Lacey and Larkin were all white, but Arpaio was politically connected and had the local government at his disposal. Arpaio never faced any sort of jail time or serious consequences for abusing his power. However, some of the people who he harassed won lawsuits over the years.

Scott Rocklage Funds Medical Companies

Many people believe that costs in the medical industry are too high. The average person cannot afford a necessary health procedure without insurance coverage. Scott Rocklage is a managing partner of 5AM Ventures. His company funds different medical companies at various stages of development. Over the past few years, he has made a positive impact in the industry.


Scott started working in the medical field at a young age. With a doctorate and decades of work experience, he is the perfect person to help pharmaceutical companies succeed. He has a passion for improving the medical industry through new research. He firmly believes that massive medical advances are possible with the right financial funding.



How to Invest



The process of working with 5AM Ventuers is arduous for business owners. 5AM Ventures schedules meetings with business owners and determines how much a company is worth. Based on the valuation, 5AM Ventures will offer a sum of money in exchange for equity in the company.


Scott has become extremely successful in the venture capital industry. He never thought that he would be a managing partner at a venture capital firm, but he enjoys going to work each day. He is also passionate about helping people have more access to affordable medical care.



New Technology



Developing new technology is essential to lowering costs in the medical field. Many people do not realize how expensive it can be to create new technology. Small companies cannot afford to risk precious capital on research and development. As a result, working with 5AM Ventures is the perfect way to secure money for various financial needs. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/scott-rocklage/


Randal Nardone The Name behind the Growth of Fortress Investment Group

The primary aim of the investment management companies these days is to help its clients achieve the financial success they desire. The investments these days are necessary to achieve the financial success because the hard work alone is not sufficient for wealth creation. The range of investment options and tools available in the market may be confusing for an individual and even for an organization per se. It is where the need of an expert investment management companies come into the picture. The investment management company would search through the various available options in the market and build a definitive investment strategy that would align with the financial goals of the client.

Fortress Investment Group, founded in 1998 by Wesley Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffmann, is one of the most respected investment management firms in the United States, headquartered in New York. The company has a long history of providing effective and efficient investment strategies to its clients. The primary aim of the Fortress Investment Group has been to ensure that the investment risks are minimized, and new sectors of investments are identified ahead of time to allow the clients to make maximum profit from the surge in the financial markets. Keeping a watch on the direction in which the stock market is moving is necessary for success in the equity market, and there is an experienced and dedicated research team that critically analyses every move of the equity market to decipher its next move and invest accordingly.

Randal Nardone has proved to be an asset to the company even though he does not have a financial background. He studied to be a lawyer and has extensive knowledge of the financial industry as he worked with a number of investment firms while he was working as a lawyer. Randal Nardone has helped the company get many investment opportunities by identifying the areas that can provide great returns. He had a successful law career, but he wanted to do something of his own and had an interest in the financial sector as he thought it had a lot of potentials.For Randal Nardone, people are a resource, and they have to manage well if their true potential is to be utilized. Fortress Investment Group has a transparent and open communication system that allows different teams to collaborate with each other easily. Randal Nardone has helped build the company from scratch and is making sure that it flourishes in the days to come.

Fortress Investment Group Globally Trusted Investment Management Firm

For companies and individuals who are confused as to where and when to invest, taking the advice of a reputed investment manager is an ideal solution. The primary role of the investment manager is to look for investment opportunities that align well with the clients’ economic status and future expectations. Different companies, as well as individuals, have different financial goals, and investment managers customize the business and investment solutions they provide accordingly. One of the companies that have been in the news for its shining performance over the years is Fortress Investment Group. The Fortress Investment Group has achieved quite a lot of success in the financial world since it was launched in 1998 by Wesley Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffmann. The company started off initially just as a private equity firm but later went on to provide a range of other financial services including real-estate investments, credit funds, hedge funds, mutual funds, and more.

The Fortress Investment Group is also the first private equity firm to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Goldman Sachs, as well as KPMG, underwrote the initial public offering of Fortress Investment Group. The company has come a long way since its launch, and its assets under management continue to jump considerable heights with every passing year. Many companies are coming up to Fortress Investment Group for advice and managing asset portfolios as the results that Fortress Investment Group has been delivering the past few years has been stellar. The primary reason behind the massive success the Fortress Investment Group has achieved with its clientele is because the company spends a lot of time and person-hours on research. It helps in analytically coming to a conclusion as to where the market is heading.The work culture at Fortress Investment Group is nothing short of magical, and the employees working at the company can vouch for it quickly. The employees of the company are not only professional but also ensure courtesy and honesty with their work and attitude.

The Fortress Investment Group is considered by many magazines and independent review sites online as one of the best employers in the financial world. The best part is that it is not only due to the pay packages that the company offers to its employees, but also the opportunities it presents in a growth-oriented work environment. Fortress Investment Group has been functioning independently for many years, but recently was acquired by Softbank Group Corp. However, the takeover by Softbank Group Corp hasn’t changed much because as per the deal of the acquisition transaction, Fortress Investment Group would continue to function independently. Fortress Investment Group also came in the highlight internationally when it almost put the 2010 Winter Olympics in Canada to halt. The fact of the matter was that the event used the British Columbia Ski for one of the event and the government owed money to the company, which was overdue. Fortress Investment Group threatened to sue the Canadian Government due to the repeated defaults being made. The problem was later sorted, and the Olympics continued as scheduled.

Source of the article : https://www.wsj.com/articles/softbank-nears-deal-to-buy-fortress-investment-group-for-more-than-3-billion-1487112978

Dick DeVos helps grow Grand Rapids, Michigan, into one of the Midwest’s urban gems

Grand Rapids, Michigan, had a long history as a center of manufacturing and one of the Upper Midwest’s most thriving population centers. It has always been Michigan’s second city, maintaining more than a third of the population of Detroit right through the early 20th century.


The city began life as a timber town and quickly branched out into the manufacture of goods using the area’s bounteous timber supplies. This naturally led Grand Rapids to establish itself as one of the premier furniture manufacturing centers in the world, leading to it’s nickname: Furniture City. Even as the furniture industry began to decline through the middle of the 20th century, as the state’s once teeming forests were stripped, Grand Rapids was able to almost seamlessly transition to a center of automotive manufacturing, with many hub industries that supplied the Big Three automakers of Detroit.


Auto manufacturing and related industries continued to drive growth of the city through the 1950s. But as the auto manufacturing industry of the United States began to take an uncompetitive turn throughout the 70s, Grand Rapids’ manufacturing base began feeling the squeeze for the first time. Throughout the 1980s, many of the area’s residents lost their jobs, and the city’s urban core began to experience serious declines, with many vacancies appearing and entire blocks falling into dereliction.


Dick DeVos was just making a name for himself as one of the area’s leading businessmen during the 1980s. It was around this time, when DeVos was coming into his own as an executive with Amway and a top figure in a number of other Grand Rapids industries, that the Downtown district was on the cusp of going the same route as many other Michigan cities. DeVos was a seasoned urban planner. He had worked first-hand with the Detroit Public School System in an effort to boost the performance of that city’s failing schools. As a result, he had a realist’s knowledge of what happens when a city passes the point of no return, as Detroit had, and all of the remaining productive classes flee to the suburbs. DeVos knew that something needed to be done. Otherwise, Grand Rapids would almost certainly follow the path of other Michigan cities like Detroit, Flint and Battle Creek. The city’s urban center would be rendered uninhabitable and would spiral into a pit of criminality and vice.


DeVos had always been a man of action. He formed a group that he dubbed the Grand Action Committee, comprised of the area’s top business leaders, with DeVos serving as chairman. DeVos led by example. He ponied up tens of millions of dollars of his own money to invest in projects like the DeVos Place Convention Center and the Van Andel Arena. Both projects have brought in billions of dollars of additional revenues to the Downtown Grand Rapids area. DeVos and his Grand Action Committee were also instrumental in the creation of the Medical Mile, one of the most recognized medical corridors in the nation.


Today, thanks in large part to Dick DeVos, Grand Rapids frequently ranks among the top cities in the country in which to live, play and work.


To learn more, visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/.

Dr. Saad Saad Explains Some Of His Life-Saving Medical Inventions

There is no question that doctor Saad Saad is a pioneer in many different life-saving medical inventions. He is constantly attempting to challenge the status quo, always looking at new ways to improve existing procedures and methods. A certain time ago, he realized he needed to develop some things that would go above and beyond just his ordinary medical practice. As a pediatrician, his goal was to develop some life-saving equipment so that is exactly what he did.


A New Catheter


Dr. Saad Saad’s first invention was the development of a new type of catheter. Originally, in order for catheters to be effective doctors, would have to know where they were located. For a permanent, surgically-implanted catheter, the only way to determine the location of the catheter on an ongoing basis would be to run x-rays a great deal of the time. Unfortunately for catheter patients, this meant exposing them to repeated bouts of radiation and increasing their chances of getting some sort of cancer. However, Dr. Saad Saad’s new catheter utilizes electromagnetic location information to help doctors locate the catheter without x-rays or bulky MRI machines. Learn more: https://doctor.webmd.com/doctor/saad-saad-md-3d5f8ce5-a764-4c86-b201-e50ec51cd7f2-overview


A New Endoscope


Dr. Saad also made an invention that improved the use of endoscopes. These instruments are often utilized by a doctor to look into the throat, windpipe, bladder, colon, or even the stomach during surgery. In a word, they are incredibly useful in helping a surgeon to get a visual picture of what is going on. However, here are liquids inside these organs that can fog up endoscopes and make it next to impossible for doctors to be able to see the current condition of the interior of the organ. Dr. Saad’s Improved endoscope machine addresses this very problem. Dr. Saad has developed a new endoscope that has a suction function, removing all of the liquids on the interior of the organ and helping doctors to still be able to see the current interior condition.


Dr. Saad Saad – Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention


When you ask Dr. Saad Saad why he has such a passion for inventing new medical equipment, he will simply tell you, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” In his pediatric practice at Eatontown, NJ, Dr. Saad has always been dedicated to going the extra mile to save the lives of his patients. Dr. Saad realizes that he can only win when he makes the job of his fellow doctors easier and also increases the chances of his patients living longer, healthier, and more productive lives.


President Trump will not Sign up New Applications for the DACA Program

People who are not familiar with immigration policy might not understand the importance of DACA. This is a piece of legislation that gives illegal immigrants who were minors before the year 2007, the right to stay within the United States. An illegal alien cannot participate within this program unless they were 16 years old (or younger) before the year 2007. Also, they cannot benefit from DACA if they have committed some type serious criminal offense in the country where they are leaving.


President Obama created this program as a means to help young illegal aliens who have adjusted to the American way of life. Remember, very few children cross the border on their own. There is a parent or some type of adult taking them from their homeland to make the journey into the U.S. Once the children arrive and start to make a new life; they have in a sense become an American.


The former Obama Administration also set this program into motion to extend the former DREAM ACT which was created in 2001. This legislation was only used once, and it was persistently rejected by Congress during that time. Remember that the DREAM ACT stood for the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors. This legislation would have helped illegal aliens who entered the country in 2001 to find permanent residency.


President Trump does not want to provide aliens (adults or their children) the right to stay in America. Even thought the DACA program extends an illegal alien’s right to stay in the U.S. for a 2-year time period; Trump and many Republicans do now want to offer this type of benefit for illegal aliens.


Keep in mind that many illegal aliens that were 16 and younger before 2007 are now between the ages of 11 and 37. Many of these younger Americans attend school, are employed and have a connection with American society. They contribute to their community and many of them have families of their own. They in fact have made the U.S. their home.


The Frontera Fund is a monetary endowment that was created by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. The fund was formed in 2007 and it is designed to support organizations that fight for the rights of immigrants and migrants. Civil Rights organizations also benefit from this fund as well. The Frontera Fund is now being used to support various legal organizations that fight to keep this legislation from destroying the lives of over 800,000 registered DACA members. The fund is also important for protecting illegal aliens who never received the benefit from DACA and could be deported at any moment.


Frontera Fund founders realize that immigrant people are constantly in danger of being exploited because of their legal status as citizens. The state of Arizona is a border state where immigration issue is extremely complicated. There are many Latino children whose lives will be ripped apart if their parents have to be deported because they no longer remain in the country.


There are other major problems to consider as well. President Trump will allow current members of DACA to renew for the program before the March 5, 2018 deadline. However, no new applications will be taken. Lacey and Larkin and their Frontera Fund will continue to fight to help illegal aliens to remain in the U.S. despite Trump’s persistence to remove them.