Who What WEN Where And Wow! No Lather Shampoo Turns Heads

Are you in a beauty rut when it comes to your crowning glory?

Do you stick to the hair care routine but still see split ends, dull locks and even frizz?

What’s going on, you wonder. Maybe it’s just your bad hair genes, and you’re one of the unlucky ladies. Bustle contributor Emily McClure was frustrated by her limp, no luster locks and as a beauty/fashion blogger, decided to embark on a seven day no-poo hair journey. She chose the famous WEN By Chaz no lather shampoo system.

WEN is really modern hair care at its finest, thanks to Chaz Dean who developed the brand, so women could have a healthier alternative. His Sephora sold one-bottle cleansing conditioners can magically transform hair of any type and texture, mainly because of their natural formulas.

Chaz Dean says that lather is a hair myth for beauty. It’s the lather that is full of chemicals. Some have called him the pioneer of the no-poo movement. WEN hair brings vitality and strength back to hair with lovely shine, and that’s why his celebrity clientele remain loyal to the brand.

Emily McClure got great results washing with WEN every morning and then blow-drying and styling her medium length locks. Her hair selfies on Facebook show the proof; she looks fab. To appreciate the richness of a WEN cleansing conditioner, users are advised to massage the product into the scalp and hair. Emily skimped on using the full amount, and yet, her mane shined beautifully and had bounce.

Emily McClure says that WEN By Chaz creates gorgeous hair if you have the time to give attention to your tresses.

Check out the Wen hair Wikipedia page for more product information

Product Link: http://www.ebay.com/bhp/wen-hair-care

The Ideal Shopping Day At Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall

After a long week at work, people have earned their ideal day for shopping. One of the best ways to award oneself with a perfect day is by going to Roberto Santiago’s Manaira Mall. However, one of the best ways to get that reward is to have a plan as to what one wants to do on the day that he goes there. One of the best ways to put together a plan is to have knowledge on the type of events that are there at the mall. One can decide whether he wants to see a movie, go to a concert, enjoy his time at a bar, go bowling, or other activities that may go with buying new clothes.

When it comes to buying clothes, one can take the time to look at the different promotions that may be in effect. This could help him decide whether or not he wants to shop at a certain store while he is enjoying his day off. He can either take a mental note of all of the activities he might want to participate in, or write it down. It might help to pay for any advance tickets if needed so that he can make sure that he is getting a spot in the event.

Learn more: https://noticias.terra.com.br/dino/o-empresario-roberto-santiago-aposta-em-opcoes-de-diversao-e-lazer-na-capital-joao-pessoa,e09ef288deaa3d300d489b02fd39d65dqaqt790n.html

Once the day comes, he can shop around at the different stores that he is interested in so that he can see about finding interesting items like clothing. It is his day. He can take the time to gather the means to impress his peers with his sense of style. After all, when one shows that he is willing to treat himself and take care of himself.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is one of the places to go if one wants to be restored from a tough week or a tough period of time. It is the perfect place to go for a release from all of the stress. There is more to do than just shopping. People can go to arcades and enjoy the latest games of all categories which include racing, fighting, shooting, puzzle and plenty of other types of games. Read more articles on Jornal Da Paraiba.

Julie Zuckerberg; A Woman With A Nose For Talent

Finding the right person for the job is getting progressively harder for companies these days, as workforce trends change faster than most recruitment heads can keep up with. Thankfully, Julie Zuckerberg seems to be changing the game with her vast experience in recruitment and understanding both the needs of the client and that of the potential employee.

Zuckerberg, the Lead Executive of Talent Acquisition at Deutsche Bank, manages a series of clientele for the company including Commercial and Private Wealth Clients, Management of Assets and Operations of Global Technology.

Before being absorbed into Deutsche Bank, Zuckerberg was the Director of Candidate Placement at Hudson Staffing and Recruitment, where she honed her stellar workforce management skills. Zuckerberg recruited case managers, attorneys, support staff and paralegals for law firms and corporate clients.

Zuckerberg consulted Hudson on a series of vital issues including the nurturing of a positive work environment, company benefits and the identification of promotion opportunities.

She later went on to join Citi as Vice President and Executive Recruiter in the year 2007, after five fruitful years working at Hudson. He role here included the recruitment of Managing Directors and Directors for the Citi Internet Office and Global Consumer Marketing, among other such businesses.

In her time here, she transformed the recruitment landscape at Citi, advising them on trends in compensation, identification of talent, and the latest recruitment strategies, services which helped Citi secure the needed candidates for many critical roles over the years.

Having come in with vast experience in talent scouting and recruitment, Zuckerberg was smoothly absorbed into Deutsche Bank in 2014 as Vice President, Talent Acquisition Lead, and Executive Recruiter.

Zuckerberg has worked with Hiring Managers, Managing Directors and Business Leaders together to fill mission-critical roles in Investor Relations, Global Technology Operations, Finance, and Audit. She also helps Hiring Managers lock down on the right strategy for sourcing networking methods and internal mobility.

Zuckerberg also personally coaches recruiters and recruitment coordinators. Commercial Clients responsible for looking after individuals of high-value and vast Private Wealth also consult her on the same, making her the go-to person for anything recruitment related with Deutsche Bank.

Zuckerberg’s core skills include strategy, human resource management, succession planning, applicant tracking, coaching, interview skills, conflict resolution, and leadership.

Having come from an enriched educational background, Zuckerberg studied at the New York Law School and New York Brooklyn College City University where she studied Philosophy after which she studied law.

Being the well-rounded person she is, Zuckerberg enjoys jogging, photography, the arts and learning about new technologies in her spare time. She is deeply concerned with human rights, technology issues, animal welfare and civil rights.

Read more about this talented recruitment specialist on her About Me page or Pinterest and follow her on Twitter @juliezuckerberg.

Omar Boraie Supporter of Rutgers Cancer Institute

Revolutionary research is taking place at the distinguished Rutgers Cancer Institute in New Jersey. Rutgers Cancer Institute(http://patch.com/new-jersey/newbrunswick/omar-boraie-chair-genomic-science-established-rutgers-cancer-institute) is welcoming the concept of precision medicine. This institute is committed to great excellence and high academic standards. The Omar Boraie Chair has been established at Rutgers Cancer Institute. The Omar Boraie Chair is associated with supporting precision medicine and its capability to develop the understandings of genomic science. The Omar Boraie Chair is named after the developer Omar Boraie. He is committed to supporting the groundbreaking research and findings that genomic science can provide at Rutgers Cancer Institute. Omar Boraie is a developer from New Brunswick. He firmly is committed to progression that he has provided $1.5 million in support.

Genomic science and precision medicine is greatly shaping and changing how therapeutic specialists now look at the diagnosis of cancer. Also, the study of these areas is shaping how professionals in the medical field are viewing the treatment of cancer. Precision medicine and genomic science are providing professionals to be able to examine and handle tumors on a level that is more genetic based. This allows oncologist to be able to provide customized treatments that increase the chances of better treatment outcomes. During President Obama’s most recent State of Union Address the Precision Medicine Initiative was mentioned. The goal of the Precision Medicine Initiative is to cure cancer and other ailments.

Rutgers University Cancer Institute is highly respected for using sequencing of genomic science as a means of examining and making better the care for a cancer patient. Examining genomic sequencing has helped to find therapies for individuals experiencing cancers that are rare, prognoses that are at a very low level, and treatment that is not effective on a patient. Precision medicine helps to classify cancers being examined into subpopulations that have similar features but different genetics. By grouping cancers into subpopulations this way more efficient outcomes can be predicted and effective customized therapies can be established. Shridar Ganesan is also a great supporter who feels that looking at cancer with a genomic approach will bring forth possibilities for additional classifications. She has addressed that genomic science can help professionals obtain comprehensive knowledge of effective therapies for each type of cancer. For further information the orginal piece was published through NewsWise.

In conclusion, the Rutgers Cancer Institute is committed in providing effective treatment and care for individuals dealing with various cancer types.

Reference: https://www.bloomberg.com/profiles/companies/0601263D:US-boraie-development-llc

You Can Save Money Now With Ignition Financial

The financial world can be confusing. And, most people are too busy living their daily lives to become immersed in all of the intricacies of the banking system. However, you don’t need to worry because everyone is offering to give you a great deal on every kind of loan that you need. This is especially true when it comes to car loans. Every car dealer offers you guaranteed quick and easy financing. And be assured; they can deliver it. When you talk to a car dealer, they will go out of their way to offer you the easiest credit approval that you can imagine. So, they take care of everything for you and get you to sign the papers so that you can get off of their car lot and start enjoying your new car.


However, sometime down the road, you may find yourself in a situation where you are struggling to make your monthly car payments. All of those affordable monthly car payments that the dealer talked you into are no longer so affordable. After a while, you may start to wonder why you car payments are so high. To find the answer to that question, you need to gain a basic understanding of how the auto financing system works.


When you go to a car dealership, they are always eager to set up fast and easy financing for you. Now, there is a reason for this: Car dealers make a lot of money from arranging bank financing for you. All car dealers get a kickback from the financial institutions that they deal with. The way the game works is that the car dealers arrange a loan for you at a certain interest rate based on your credit profile. The dealer then adds on a few extra interest points for himself to keep as profit. When you consider the price of the car that you bought, you can easily see how those extra interest points that your friendly car dealer has tacked on are costing you a lot of money every month.


So, now that you know how you have been scammed, you may be asking yourself, “How can I slash my payments?” The answer is simple. Refinance your vehicle with Ignition Financial. The professional staff at Ignition Financial have a great deal of experience at helping people like you get out of a bad car loan. When you call Ignition Financial, you will finally have people fighting to save you money every month.

Lime Crime | The Best Company By a Young Entrepreneur

Doe Deere is the young entrepreneur that’s behind Lime Crime. She’s a Russian born, New York City raised makeup diva. Doe began her company with an idea to fill her own need and it’s turned into something that’s filling the needs of girls and boys everywhere. Yes, you read correctly. She serves both girls and boys that are interested in self-expression. Her line of cosmetics are branded very carefully. According to her, the name of her company was accidental but, her lines are targeted very specifically. The line that we’re referring to for the most self-expression is the Unicorn line. This line is a bold and beautiful Lime Crime specialty. It came about one day, when she was sewing her newest fashion. She needed makeup to go with it and couldn’t find anything that was satisfactory in the drug or department stores. So, being the natural entrepreneur that she is, she developed this makeup line.


Other Makeup Lines

There are also other makeup lines that are heavily reviewed. One of them are Perlees and Velvetines. Some are glossy and others are matte which are very in style right now. Personally I’m a matte gal. Wearing mattes to work and school comes off more professional and to be honest, I get asked a lot where I purchased the colors.

One of them is Ceilia Leslie you can see her YouTube video here as she does Lime Crime lip swatches. This is how I discovered it and I’ve never gone back.  But always compare prices from more than one store.  I recommend checking out Love-Makeup’s page for Lime Crime, as well as the Urban Outfitters storefront.