Recieving Residual Income With Freedom Checks

Most people think that retirement goals can be accomplished with social security payments and a 401 (k). However, it would be extremely difficult for an individual to live off of social security alone. Also, a 401 (k) will deliver mediocre returns. The prudent investor who wishes to live a lavish retirement and leave money for their family when they pass on should learn about Freedom Checks can offer. The financial expert who began informing people about this investment option was Matt Badiali. Many in the finance world accused him of trying to scam people. It did not take long before the world caught on that this was an amazing investment opportunity with some serious profit potential.

Matt Badiali was encouraging investors to think of their retirement when considering Freedom Checks as a best investment option. The companies that issue these checks operate without having to fork over tax money to the government, which makes these very profitable entities. They also pay some of the highest dividend yields of any company traded on the major stock exchanges. Individuals who receive these payments are very fortunate because they don’t pay any taxes on the payments they receive. A tax-free residual income is just the thing an individual would need to survive and thrive while living in retirement. If an individual has a decent initial investment, their recurring dividend payments could end up being substantially higher than some social security payment.

It is possible that the price of oil could be higher in the future. If this were to happen, then investing in Freedom Checks would be even more worthwhile for an investor. Most of the companies that issue these payments will see their profits increase if the price of oil rises. This means that shareholders will likely see higher share prices in these companies, as well as receive even higher distribution payments. While this investment opportunity is profitable, an investment can result in losses. Therefore, it is wise to research and perform proper analysis before investing any money into Freedom Checks. It does not take a lot of starting capital to begin to take advantage in the fantastic investment option.

Stream Energy Starts New Philanthropic Branch Of The Business

The staff at Dallas, Texas, based Stream Energy have always been concerned for the welfare of those in their surrounding communities. So much so that Stream Energy has founded a separate philanthropic organization for all of the volunteer work that they perform yearly. Stream Cares works with several organizations throught Texas to help those in need.


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For example, Stream Energy has a long standing partnership with the Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross. Stream staff donate hours to help build houses and raise money when the need arises. When Hurricane Harvey dropped 56 inches of rain across Texas, displacing residents and threatening homes and lives, Stream was one of the first companies to step up to the recovery challenge. Staff members regularly donate their time and ability to raise money for different organizations.

Another example of partnerships formed is the relationship between Hope Supply Co. and Stream Cares. Hope Supply Co. has been working with Dallas at risk youth supplying them with clothing and school supplies to support their acedemic learning. Recently, Hope Supply Co. teamed up with Stream Cares to send 1,000 homeless children for a day of food and fun to area water parks. Stream Cares mentors were on hand to make sure the kids were safe and well provided for.

Stream Cares works with many other different organizations such as Operation Once In A Lifetime who support Armed Forces Veterans and their families, providing financial and mental support services. Last Christmas the two organizations worked together to provide an afternoon holiday bbq dinner and a special event for the Servicemen’s children.

These are just several examples that the staff at Stream Energy work on after their workday ends. Stream Energy is a direct selling company that offers energy services as well as phone, internet, security, and telemedicine services. To read more about Stream Cares and their philanthropic endeavours please click here.